I hear it all the time.  What is it?  Does it hurt?  Can I ever take it off?  I'm here to clear things up for you.  I'll answer a few of the top questions I hear  from customers.

So, what is permanent jewelry? Simply put - it's jewelry without a clasp that you can take off.  Instead, the closure is a jump ring that is welded shut while on your body that creates a "permanent" closure.  Sounds scary right?  I promise you, it's not.

Does it hurt?  Nope!  The welder used to fuse the jump ring together is so precise, it never comes in contact with your skin.  At Doozie, we also place a small piece of leather between your skin and the chain to create an even bigger barrier. 

Can I ever take it off? Of course!  A simple snip to the jump ring closure will allow the jewelry to be removed whenever you want.  You can even take it off temporarily, and have it welded back on. 

Why would someone want permanent jewelry?  Some people just don't get the whole idea.  Here are the most common reasons I find people chose to get permanent jewelry and a few more you may not have considered.  

1. It's fun! Enough said.

2. It's kind of like the new friendship bracelet.  Besties, sisters, family members, boyfriends, girlfriends - have all come in to get one together. 

3. It can be used to mark a special occasion.  Think birthdays, milestones, commitments, even to remember a trip to the city you got them in.  

4. You can customize the fit.  Ever tried on a bracelet but it was just too big or too small?  Permanent jewelry allows you to customize the perfect fit for YOU.

We weld permanent fine jewelry at our downtown Fort Collins location on an ongoing basis.  We pride ourselves on exclusively using 14K solid gold chains in yellow, rose and white gold.  We also carry fun charms and links (all 14K gold and real gemstones) that you can add on to create a totally unique look.  Stop in anytime!