Engagement ring shopping can feel overwhelming.  My mission is to demystify the process and make you feel confident and excited about your choices.  Finding the perfect ring should be fun!  Here are a few outdated rules that you can confidently ignore when starting your search.   

1. You must buy a Diamond

Diamonds, specifically Mined Diamonds are typically what comes to mind when thinking about engagement rings.  They are a popular choice for a reason - they are extremely durable, and beautiful.  However, mined diamonds are not your only option.  Lab diamonds, sapphires, salt and pepper diamonds, and moissanite are all excellent alternatives!  There are plenty of choices to explore if you’re looking for a gemstone that has color, pattern or comes from a more ethical source.  A great jeweler (ahem, like me) can direct you in the right direction and explain which option would suit you best.  And not to blow your mind even further, but, who says you even need a gemstone?

2. You have to surprise your fiancé with the ring 

But you have to research, design, figure out the right size and purchase a ring all without your future fiancé knowing, RIGHT? WRONG!. Almost all of my bespoke clients come in as a COUPLE.  I love working with couples for several reasons.  It’s a fun experience to create or pick out a ring together.  You can take the pressure off.  No more guessing what your partner would actually want - they get to be involved and tell you! 

3. I have to know a lot about jewelry in order to buy or design a ring.

Nope. Not even a little bit. The 4 Cs? Durability of gemstones? Types of settings? Nope, nope, and nope. This is my expertise and I love helping you find the best fit for YOU.  I hear it all the time. A client comes in and tells me they have no idea what they want.  I ask a few questions and pretty soon we are figuring out exactly what you do like.   Your decisiveness may even surprise you.  Sometimes you just have to be asked the right questions. 


4. You must spend a certain amount.

You’ve probably come across weird equations in your googling about spending X amount of your monthly pay times X amount of months. I don’t know who came up with that, but I’m here to relieve you of worrying about that weird outdated rule.  Here’s what you should be doing.  Research what rings that you like typically cost so you have an idea of what's a realistic budget.  Decide on a comfortable budget for yourself and adjust your expectations accordingly.  Plan for and save for the ring taking into consideration your ideal timing.  Also, some couples may even choose to share the cost. 

Whatever your questions may be, I'm always happy to help you.  Stop in 119 East Mountain Avenue in Fort Collins, and let's chat!