Are you curious about designing a bespoke engagement ring?  Here I'll take you step by step through my process.  Even though I go quite into detail, I promise it's an easier process than you might think.  And I must say, it's pretty fun too.

1. Initial consultation 

This is a no pressure meeting for us to sit down and discuss what you’re looking for in an engagement or wedding ring.  This is a great opportunity for you to ask any and all questions you may have.  I have a list of questions that I will be asking you too that helps even the most indecisive client start to hone in on their style and objectives.  The purpose of this meeting is for you to get a feel for me and my design process to see if I’m the perfect fit for you.  The goal is for you to feel confident and excited about moving forward and designing your dream ring with me. 


2. You’ve decided to work with me. Yay! What’s next?

Now we get into the fun stuff!  Once we have established a few things like your gemstone preferences, ideal budget, etc., I get to straight work for you.  I start off sourcing the best gemstone options for you taking into consideration your specific criteria.  I have multiple trusted suppliers that I will call upon depending on what we’re after.  Want a mined, GIA graded diamond? Got it.  Ethically sourced, Montana sapphire? No problem.  Looking for a salt and pepper, rose cut "unicorn" of a diamond? I got you.  A lab grown diamond but make it a rad geometric step cut? Yeah, I've got that too.  
I don’t have a pre-selected stock of gemstones that I bring out over and over again.  I am pulling each and every option specifically for YOU.  I listen to you, distill that information and present you with the raddest pieces I can find. We will have another (very fun) meeting for you to review your choices in person.  This is so helpful to see things like size, color, and how the gemstone interacts with light.  It’s okay if you’re a little giddy at this meeting.  Most people are ;)


3. We found the stone!  Time to design. 

This is where things begin to really take shape. Now that we’ve found a drop dead gorgeous gemstone, it’s time to create the perfect design to showcase it.  At this point, we’ve already had discussions about your design considerations.  I take into account all the things we’ve already discussed: such as, your ideal setting, lifestyle considerations, inspiration photos/designs, etc. I then draw up your first round of designs.  These are 3D computer renderings that you will be able to see from multiple views.  
Once you’ve chosen your top design, now it’s time to make any revisions, if necessary.  This is where we can get as nuanced as needed. Taking the width from 2.2mm to 2.0mm.  Lowering the setting height just a bit more. Adding a few accent stones you thought you didn’t initially want.  These are all things that can be addressed at this time.  You’ll once again get to approve a highly detailed 3D rendering after the revisions have been made. 


4. Next up - prototype 

Sh*t’s getting real!  Once you’ve approved the final design, your ring is made into a tangible prototype.  It’s the ring before it’s “the ring”.  You will be able to see a resin version of your ring for one last final approval before it is cast into the metal of your choice.  
Some couples like to keep this part a surprise and the ring recipient opts out of this step. Other couples like to be involved in every step of the way.  It’s totally up to you!


5. I’ll take it from here 

The gemstones have been selected. The design and prototype have been completed and approved.  Now it’s time for me to turn all of our planning into a finished ring.  The prototype gets cast into metal. I set the stones and finish the ring.  I’ve been with you every step of the way and this is where it all comes together.  The ring is finished and even better than you imagined it would be.  We all celebrate and do a little happy dance. 


6. But wait there’s more

Need a little size adjustment? Cleaning? Check up on your ring?  I’m here for you and happy to help.
I hope this gives some insight into the process.  If you’re interested in setting up an initial consultation, you can check out the calendar here. See you soon!